An Eye Dazzler is a traditional Navajo weaving pattern, which consists of a multitude of diamond shapes intersecting to create elaborate zig-zag design.

Eye Dazzler textile design studio, based in Brooklyn, New York, is an intimate team of creatives specializing in original and exclusive print artwork.  Our collection is living and dynamic, enriched by continuous development. We take an experimental approach to print design and we are always looking for novel ways to combine technology with our hands-on artistic techniques. Whether our artwork is created digitally or drawn by hand, it’s always an original Eye Dazzler design. Our passion and creativity inspires trends as well as yields forward concepts. We aspire to surpass our clients’ expectations through delicate balance of innovative design and commercially relevant work. Our clients include designers of apparel and accessories in the fashion industry, as well as those in home textiles and décor.

To view our current collection, please contact us to schedule an appointment or visit us at any of the upcoming print shows!